Praise the Name Emmanuel

Praise the Name Emmanuel

Verse 1

In the dawn of darkened ages
Shines the glory of a Lamb
Trading kingdoms for a manger
Christ is born in Bethlehem
Praise our Maker moved by mercy
Sing the kindness of His will
Hallelujah, God is with us
Praise the name Emmanuel

Chorus 1

Emmanuel, Emmanuel
Son of God and Son of Man
Praise the name Emmanuel




Matthew 1:23, Luke 2:12

Tony Wood, Matt Papa, Aaron Keyes and Will Carlisle

Copyright © 2019 Tony Wood Songs (SESAC)/Curb Congregation Songs (SESAC) (admin. at Curb/Word Music)/Getty Music Hymns and Songs (ASCAP)/Love Your Enemies Publishing (ASCAP) (admin. at Fathers (ASCAP)/Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP)/Will Carlisle Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Used by permission. CCLI #7142578 

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Bb, C, D

In the dawn of darkened ages shines the glory of a Lamb



Christmas, Jesus, Birth, Jesus, Advent, Praise/Adoration/Worship/Exaltation, of Jesus, God, His Love/Mercy/Grace