NEW! If you have prepay credit, you can use Express Checkout from the cart to skip all of the checkout pages and go straight to your media library with your selected charts and tracks. Express Checkout is only available to prepay customers.

Pay in advance and SAVE 30%-70%

Our advance payment program allows you to save 30, 40, 50, 60, or even 70% on all your downloadable music purchases!

Choose the plan that's right for you!

  • Level 1 - Prepay $149.95 - SAVE 30%
  • Level 2 - Prepay $249.95 - SAVE 40%
  • Level 3 - Prepay $399.95 - SAVE 50%
  • Level 4 - Prepay $699.95 - SAVE 60%
  • Level 5 - Prepay $999.95 - SAVE 70%

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Show Frequently Asked Questions

What is prepayment?
Prepayment allows you to put a preset amount of money onto your login so that you can quickly and easily get worship resources for your ministry without worrying about dealing with multiple charges later.  You can make a one-time purchase of credit, get one bill, and then download music whenever you need it.
What am I buying for my $149.95/$249.95...etc.?
When you purchase prepayment, you are not buying anything at first - you are simply attaching that money to your login. From then forward, whenever you log in, you'll be able to see that amount, and purchases will reflect the discount that you have received for making the prepurchase.
Do I get credits to spend?
No, when you buy a dollar's worth of prepayment, it's worth a dollar. When you go to spend that dollar, however, every eligible item in your cart will show up at the discount that goes with the level that you prepaid.

For instance, if you purchase the $399.95 prepayment level and add "Take Your Place - II" to your cart, it will look like this:
How do I know what I have left?
On every page of the site, you'll be able to see your balance in the header, or on the "Manage Account" screen.
How can I buy prepayment?
At, you can purchase preset amounts of prepayment on your debit or credit card, or you can buy it with your Lifeway account number and PIN.
My church is tax-exempt. How can I buy with prepayment and waive the sales tax?
If your church is registered as tax-exempt with Lifeway, you can go to the “Manage Account” area of and add your account number and PIN.  Then, any time you purchase music with your prepayment credit, we'll make sure to waive the taxes.  To set up an account number and PIN and establish what you need for tax exemption, call 800-458-2772.
What if I run out of prepayment?
You can always purchase more!  If you choose a level lower than the one you initially purchased, your remaining balance will be available at the lower discount rate, so we recommend that you spend through as much of your balance as possible before changing discounts.
What is the most that I can prepay?
Our current maximum prepayment balance is $1999.90. If you need more, please contact us and let us know.
When does my prepayment expire?
Your prepayment never expires. When you put a dollar in for prepayment, you will always be able to use that dollar for purchases.
What can I purchase with prepayment?
You can use it on everything at
Which products are discounted?
Right now, everything on is discounted!  From time to time, there may be individual products that are not discounted, but you will be able to see that information in your cart.  And, you will still be able to use your balance to purchase those products.  We'll never restrict you from using your credits on products at the site.
Can I get a refund?  Can I transfer my balance to my Lifeway Payment account?  Can I use it for other products?
Prepayment funds are not refundable, may not be used to pay any outstanding balance, and are not available for use on physical products or virtual products at websites other than
I'm a Gold Box choral club member.  Can I use my voucher to buy prepayment?
The choral club voucher is currently only used to purchase additional copies of the music that arrives in the choral club.