Worship Band In Hand - Band in Hand, LLC

Now... find LifeWayWorship stems on Worship Band in Hand!

Are you having trouble finding musicians for your worship band?

Worship Band in Hand is a mobile app for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch).  It provides church and worship leaders with a backing band that can be tailored to their needs.  It’s a whole worship band that fits in your hand!


  • Mix your worship band just the way you like it.
    The mix will be saved for next time!
  • Click comes out RIGHT channel,
    Music comes out LEFT channel
    Send the click to your monitors so the congregation can’t hear it.
  • Create and Edit Set Lists.
    These work a lot like playlists in other software.
  • Buy the songs you want individually from our In-App Store.
  • Change the key to fit your voice.
    If the original key isn’t just right for you, you can shift it up or down a full step.
  • Mute instruments you don’t need.
    Have a Drummer? Mute the Drums and play along with the click.
  • Have a sick musician? Just un-mute that track in Worship Band in Hand and you’re ready to go!
  • Easy Practicing!
    You can practice anywhere now. At home, in the office, on the road, or in the sanctuary.
  • Anyone can lead worship now.
    Bass players, Drummers, Vocalists, Pianists… being a guitar player is no longer a requirement.
  • Worship Band in Hand is a free app
  • Receive a Free Preview Song!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Worship Band in Hand a LifeWay product?
No, but the mission and purpose of Band in Hand, LLC is the same as LifeWay Worship's - to resource the church musician.
How do I purchase stems for use with Worship Band in Hand?
Download the Worship Band in Hand application to your iOS device. Then, from the Song Library page, tap the shopping cart button in the top left corner.
If I bought a stem mix on LifeWayWorship.com, can I access it inside Worship Band in Hand?
Unfortunately, no, not at this time.
Where do I get charts for the Worship Band in Hand stems?
All of the LifeWayWorship.com stems available inside Worship Band in Hand correspond to their matching charts available here at LifeWayWorship.com. For instance, you could purchase the stem mix through your iOS device and then download the piano accompaniment chart from our site to play along!
Can I get it on my Kindle Fire, Galaxy tablet...?
Worship Band in Hand only works on iOS devices at this time - iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac computers with an M1 or newer chip. Check the App store page for more details.
What if I have more questions?
Visit the Worship Band in Hand website at worshipbandinhand.com.