Put the Baptist Hymnal on your iPad!

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Now available, the OFFICIAL app for Baptist Hymnal (2008)!

This FREE app includes over 200 of your favorite hymns with full lyrics and four-part vocal lines. Created from the same master files used for the printed edition, this app includes access to all of the same great features you have in the hardcopy book, plus some digital-only features!

Features include:

  • full-screen, iPad-optimized PDF-based four-part print music for over 200 hymns
  • create setlists of hymns to match your order of service
  • flip through multipage hymns with a quick swipe
  • search for hymns by title, writer, lyric, topic, and more!
  • tap the title or hymn number you want and jump right to the hymn… no fumbling for pages.
  • zoom in to the page to see lyrics and notes at the size you need… great for older members in your congregation who have trouble holding the heavier book or seeing the notes.
  • no Internet connection required once the app is installed.
  • SPECIAL OFFER: for only $9.99, you can purchase the rest of the 674 hymns and contemporary worship songs included in the printed edition, right from within the app! That’s 28% off the regular printed hymnal price!
  • Whether you’re a worship planner, a worship team member, or you just love to see the notes to the song you’re singing, this app is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the rest of the hymns?
Tap on any of the greyed-out hymns and purchase the rest of the hymns in the hymnal for just $9.99!
What can I search for?
Title, writer, lyrics and hymn number.
How do I keep from having to pick hymns from the big list over and over?
On any title, click the "Add to Setlist" button. Then, tap the "Setlist" button on the top left of the screen to see your order of worship. In the setlist window, you can swipe to delete a song, or hit "Reorder" to move them around in your list
Can I get the hymnal on my iPhone, Kindle Fire, Galaxy tablet...?
Not yet, but it's critical that you let us know that you want the hymnal on a specific device so that we can know where to deploy it next! Use the box at the bottom of this screen to "vote" what kind of device you want to see the app on next.
Help! Hymn number 663 is the wrong song!
I tried to buy the hymn package, but it didn't download.
I reinstalled, but I only got the 200 free hymns.
These issues can easily be addressed by reinstalling the app. Here's how:
  1. Delete the app from your iPad by pressing and holding the icon to make it wiggle, then press the x with a circle around it to delete.
  2. Then, launch the App Store from your home screen, and re-download the hymnal app. If you tap the "Purchased" icon at the bottom of the page, it should show you a little cloud icon that tells you you can redownload the application.
  3. From within the app, click on a greyed-out hymn and "re-purchase" the hymns. You will get a prompt letting you know that you've already made this purchase, and that you can redownload the hymns for free. This should download the whole hymns package for you.
What's in the next version?
Help us out! We want to know what would best serve your church for the next release of the Hymnal app.